Welcome to Udaan English Training Center

Every learner has unique needs.

Our approach is customized for all your needs.

Good communication skills

add more to your personality than your expensive clothes.

We are not just a spoken English institute.

After all, English is also read,
written and listened.

Welcome to UdaanETC

The world has shrunk into a global village, thanks to the advancement of technology. And English is the global language for communicating in this global village. You may have the qualifications, technical knowledge and skills to succeed but you may be still failing to get a job or do well in your current job. The reason? Your poor English language skills.

Udaan welcomes you to join its training programs to overcome your language issues. Whatever be your status - student, employee, housewife, businessperson - we have the solution to your language issues. We help you speak English fluently and correctly. We help you become good communicators and great presenters. Join now and give flight to your dreams.

Why Udaan?

At Udaan, we believe that language learning cannot happen through teaching of grammar. Hence we use worksheets, activities, and audio-visuals to create an atmosphere for acquiring the language automatically. We pay attention to the needs of every individual. There is no need to fear in a group if someone is too poor in communicating. Everyone's needs are given equal value because we believe that each learner is unique

Do you stay far away?

Distance is not an issue. We come to you wherever you are.

Not just grammar.

We make you pick and acquire English through task-based training, activities and audio-visuals.

Join Udaan.

Say goodbye to Anglophobia, the fear of English... And hello to the power of communication.


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